Improve your skin tone, reduce fine lines, pores and pigmentation. 


Skin rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses infrared pulsed light to treat skin conditions and

reduce the effects of aging 

fine lines and wrinkles 

large pores

sun spots

cherry angiomas

Vascular redness in the nose & Face

pigmentation and uneven skin tone

Pigmentation on hands and arms

With our treatments there is no downtime! Nothing a bit of makeup cannot hide. 

precautions need to be taken by avoiding direct sun exposure and always using sunscreen. Even in winter and if you work inside with computers.

Your skin will look fresher, firmer and more vibrant.  


It can assist in reducing acne outbreaks and redness and flushing caused by Rosacea.  

Reduce pore size,

even up skin tone

Pigmentation removal

Sun spots Removal

Cherry Angiomas

Small blood vessels 

Pigmentation on hands and arms

Booking a course of skin rejuvenation will see results that will get you feeling more confident and happy with the reflection in the mirror!

Prices start from just $33.

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